Back to School!

Hey everyone! Whew, I am finally back at college, ready to start class again this week. Although it’s been nice not having class for awhile, I’m excited for spring semester to start. The classes I am taking (mainly in the fields of psychology, sociology and philosophy) should be really interesting…but maybe challenging, too! So we’ll see. I went to visit one of my best friends at her college this weekend. It was really fun to party it up at another college. I had sneaked some Fiji beer back in my suitcase…so I drank about 5 of those on Friday night, lol! My friend thought they tasted kinda bad…but I’m not too picky, I’m more of a “beer girl” than a hard liquor gal anyways. My favorite is Miller Lite, and also Mich Golden Lite….yum! lol. But I have to remember to exercise it all off whenever I drink, heh. That’s always a bummer!

I’m also REALLY excited to include in this journal entry some pictures from FIJI!! Most of the pictures were taken by my with a dinky disposable camera…but my roomate (who also came to Fiji) had a digital camera, so a couple of the pics are from her, not me. But I was still there, so it’s all the same to me!

The beautiful picture of an island, is of Beachcomber Island, which is a little ways off the mainland of Fiji. It was absolutely gorgeous, as you can tell! The color of the water was unreal…I could hardly believe my eyes, it was such a perfect shade of aqua! Amazing. I didn’t want to get off that tiny lil island, but we only stayed for a day.

Another pictures is of the amazing Sigatoka Sand Dunes. The scenery was breathtaking, and as you can see, there was a TON of sandy hills. The sand was scorching hot on my skin (I was dumb enough to wear sandals…whoops!) but it was worth it, I had a blast.

I also included a picture of myself with some Fijian village children. It was their first time seeing white people, besides on TV. Needless to say, they were ecstatic to meet us, and very friendly. They reminded me of how fun it is to be a child. I loved their smiles, it made me melt.

The last couple pics I have are of me and my friends taking advantage of the drinking age there! Hehe. (it is 18 there, instead of 21, yay!) One picture is with my roomate (the cute lil asian girl) and a fellow college friend who also went to Fiji. Another picture is of me drinking a Toblerone at the bar by the pool. Toblerone was a delicious mix of Bailey’s Irish Cream and some other stuff (which I forgot, lol) – it was so good, and the bartender gave it to me for FREE, woohoo. I loved the drink so much that I made my friend take a picture of me with it, lol.

Well, hope you guys like the pictures! I can try to scan some more to include in my next journal. I think I’m gonna have a low key night tonight and just rest before my 9am class start tommorrow (yikes!). Have a great week guys!

Take Care, Rachel

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