Sex in the City and School

I don’t know why I never saw it before when it was on HBO, but right now I have a serious addiction to Sex and the City. I just got that Netflix thing where they send you DVDs in the mail and you send them back whenever and now instead of watching movies, I’m getting caught up with Sex and the City. One of the toys I want made an appearance too!! hehe I won’t say which one… you’ll just have to watch and see for yourself! 😉

School is going pretty well this semester… In my advanced illustrator class we have to re-design a map of the como zoo and conservatory (in groups) and then one of the groups’ maps will get chosen to be their new map! It’s pretty exciting doing work that isn’t just for myself or for fun. I got a new camera phone last week too and kinda went crazy with it and now I found out to get hte pictures you have to e-mail them to your computer, which costs $20 more a month! Here I thought you could just use some kind of USB plug that goes from the phone to the comp but was I ever wrong. I suppose the phone companies are probably getting rich making $20 a month just off of people e-mailing their camera phone pictures to themselves! I got some cute pictures of my kitty Simone though. (my real kitty, not my… yeah) She’s tortois shell colored (black, brown and tan patches) with green eyes… I swear she is too smart for her own good though, especially for a cat! She’s declawed and yet she can catch mice and even birds and then leaves them in front of a door… like she thinks it’s a present or something. hehe.

Anyway, gotta go, I have a wedding I’m going to tomorrow!

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