Martial arts, movie sessions and waterfalls

Today I had a rude awakening with noises from a construction site, so
I decided to go out to the gym and get some exercise. Now more then
ever I wanna look hot for you guys, right? But instead of my usual
workout program, I tried Aikido, which is the martial art Steven Segal
uses in his movies. I think I may try a set in the dojo, if my
instructor doesn’t mind. There is a hot girl there who might be up for
it as well ?

Today I’m going to catch a movie and get prepared for my trip to the
waterfalls tomorrow. I wanted to do some shots in public spaces… I
have never seen anyone in a multiplex… I’m feeling naughty today, so I
may try it…

I posted some pics from next week update on the site… Hope you enjoy
them. I’ll try to post something before I hit the road. Till tomorrow!


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