Casey Cute and Lucky Charms

I went to the store the other day i needed some milk and cereal, i like lucky charms. I saw this cute guy there and he was in the breakfast lane, so i went in there and started looking around, getting close to him he didnt really notice me i was in sweat pants and a tight american eagle shirt curled hair. He smelled so good i think it was that axe body spay. I went over to see what he was looking at and I saw he was going to get the same thing. Well I went to talk to him even though he seemed like he was 30 or so. I really ddin’t want to since i’m nervous as hell but i’m really lonely nowadays so I thought oh well. We ended up exchanging numbes and planning a date, but when I went home I talked to him for an hour or so and realized I didn’t really like him…
Anyways, I’ll write more later i’m almost late for class (again!) 🙂

One Response to “Casey Cute and Lucky Charms”

  1. stevebrazil Says:

    your body is great especially on the wet white panty