Trixie Teen

So lets keep the flow going and talk about a new chick . . . Trixie Teen. This chick is pretty damn hot if you ask me . . . but that may be due to the fact that she has braces . . . which I am a big sucker for! Anyhow – Trixie lives out in Vegas and is one of the more photogenic girls I have seen in front of the camera . . . you will get alot of great sets when you join because she takes a camera everywhere with her! This is a little info from her site:

Hi! I’m Trixie. I just turned 18 and living in L.V. I moved here about 7 months ago to try to be a showgirl, in the mean time, One of my friends suggested I make a site to make some money. So, here we are! I really hope you like what you see and really hope you want to see more. Love and kisses, Trixie :-p

Of course in true NN Diary style I will hook you up with some of my favorite pictures of Trixie Teen.

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