Teen Topanga

Maybe you guys are wondering who Teen Topanga is . . . well she was the second girl on the internet to come out with her own site where the braces are one of the main focuses! Teen Topanga blew up right out of the gates because lets face it . . . she looks barely legal and her photo shoots will raise eyebrows for days! Anyhow . . . if you are not in love with Teen Topanga by now then you should catch the next bus to hell because she is hands down smoking hot.

Here is what Teen Topanga has to say about herself:

Hi my name is Topanga. I’m 18 and just started college down here in Southern California. All my friends have always said that I would be famous one day, and maybe with your help I will be. I’ve been experimenting with my body for a few years now and I’m starting to get real good at it. I like to try a lot of new things including playing with my girlfriends. I hope you will join my site and most importantly,
I hope you like what you see. XOXOXO

Here are some of my favorite pictures from inside http://www.teentopanga.com/ so feel free to check them all out. Also don’t be affraid to go visit Teen Topanga at her website

2 Responses to “Teen Topanga”

  1. mike d Says:

    u have an amazing body holy wow.. yea if u got msn or anything or if you even read this get back to me somehow or add me or something. just PLEASE get back to me if u read this:)

  2. mike d Says:

    i unno if i did everything right or whatever. but u have a wicked body i might be posting this twice.. but yea ur beautiful. email me back or something add me on msn? whatever just as long as i get to talk to you im happy. im prolly bout ur age to