Andi Pink

There is definately something to be said about barely legal nn teens with streaks in their hair . . . it drives me wild and Andi Pink puts all of this to life. Andi Pink is an all round naughty chick that can almost pull off the good girl routine – but she has a couple features that just tip you off completely like that sexy stud diamond in her nose . . . too hot.

Anyhow . . . Andi Pink’s site is actually pretty new so you are getting a almost first peek at her and everything she has to offer. It looks like she even gets nude in the members area of so you guys should keep a good lookout while you are in there!

Here is some of what Andi Pink says about herself:

I know you guys get all hot and horny looking at my pics, so I’m gonna make it worth your while! I want to get you worked up as much as I do when I’m posing! And if you’re about to blow your load by looking at me, just do it! And make sure to scream out my name really loud while you’re at it! Lol!

Andi Pink Photos And Videos Here! – Andi Pink Oh my God! I’m caught on camera… and I love it! Get hot with me! Take your clothes off with me! Take a peek while I shower! Eat popcorn off my belly! Discover new ways to drink your milk! Lol! Just have fun playing along with me! What are you waiting for? It’s getting boring here without you!

Of course a couple pictures of Andi Pink never hurt:

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