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Kates PlaygroundWell it is time to start firing up the posting engine for nndiary.com – it has been way to long and it is time to fix that! Lets start the post fest with a bang . . . and I mean a big bang! Todays featured model is Kate from Kates Playground . . . you know you have heard of her . . . now it is time to learn a little bit more about her!

Kate is a rare beauty that comes from up in Canada . . . yes there are alot of smoking hot chicks up there! Anyhow – Kates Playground is a rags to riches story . . . her and Spunky (her webmaster) used to work at a resturant and they decided to capitalize on Kates beauty and that is how katesplayground.com happened!

One thing you gotta love about Kate is that she is really hands on with the website. She does webcam shows all the time and even answers members emails – so even you can talk to a smoking hot chick!

Will keep this short because you can read most of her information over at katesplayground.com

katesplayground kates playground - katesplayground

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