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Sarah Peachez –

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Peachez18Is Sarah Peachez really only 18? Who cares, she has a nice ass, as is proudly displayed on hanging out of her daisy dukes, leaning over different things (I wasn’t paying attention to what she was on, just what she was doing). Honestly, if I were to meet her, she wouldn’t be my type to get something on with, but nice eye candy in the back for sure. My favorite ass shot is her firm round ass, bent over, legs spread but not too much, with a thong on, showing (but not showing) her sunshine. Here’s how she wants to shine for you:

“Hi I’m Sarah Peachez. I want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with my site. I want all my members to be happy and have fun, because I realize finding a good web site that provides customer service, daily updates, and original pictures can be difficult. So, I want to personally assure you that joining and becoming a member will be easy and something you will enjoy for a long time.”

Customer satisfaction is the number 1 thing at; so… does that mean we get a refund if we’re not happy with her? No worries! That will NOT be the case!

Peachez-18 Peachez-18

Piper Fawn –

Friday, April 28th, 2006

Piper-FawnStarting off looking a little shy and a little too adorable. Not sure what she plans on doing with that broom, but I am curious. Piper Fawn has got some red red hair; wonder if she’s red all over >=x (sure you’ve noticed that I like to make faces with my keyboard, but this one is one of my favorites – it means “cat, complete with whiskers” – go figure). She kind of reminds me of Pippy Longstocking, I bet Pippy was naughty too. Piper gives you a sneak preview of how naughty she likes to get on, but the picture is so small I HAD to keep going to see more.

“There’s just something about getting naked outdoors that gives me goose bumps (in a nice way!). Is it the sun in my skin? Or the idea that maybe somebody very naughty may be spying on me?”

Does she freckle more everytime she hangs out naked outside? And, where does she freckle? Go on inside her.. um, her site and see if her little red pussy.. um, pussy with soft whiskers.. I mean, if she has a cat.


Scarlet Peaches –

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

Scarlet-PchsOk, includes several girls, so this post will be about a few of them. It’s pretty hot; it’s hard to believe these girls are teens! Anna, Carol, Venera, Yuri, Dasha… just to name a few; everything from blonde to brunette to true red, so whatever your taste is, looks like you’ll find it here. Dasha has a dress I would love to own, forget wearing it in private, it would be hot anywhere; see-through grey lace, low-cut. That’s right, you guys and girls should check it out. And if anyone knows where I can get one, let me know!

I’m a little confused as to what Iren is trying to do with her lips, it looks like it hurts. And whoa! If Carol doesn’t have legs all the way up to her ass! -=) I’ve always wanted to say that. They are LLLoooong…. The Scarlet Peaches are laying it on heavy and sounds like they mean business:

“Welcome to Scarlet Peaches!
Here you’ll find all the girls and all the action you were looking for! Girls masturbating, playing with dildos, sucking cock and fucking like there’s no tomorrow! Girls with boys, girls with girls, couples, threesomes, anything goes! Tits, asses and soaking wet pussies are awaiting you!”

Don’t do it. I’m warning you.. You better listen to your mamma… DON’T go in there… you won’t be able to handle it… BE AFRAID< BE VERY AFRAID... Hey! I said don't.. too late, you won't come out of the same man.

Scarlet-PchsScarlet Peaches

Dasha Markova –

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

Dasha MarkovaLong blonde hair, bright blue eyes, small perky titties and a twig with leaves still attached. Ok, I was intrigued, what is Dasha Markova going to do with that twig??? I found out, now you’ll have to at Foot fetish anybody? Dasha seems to like to play with hers (and they are quite cute). Dasha is a little skinny for my taste although she seems rather tall so that’s probably why. Here’s what says:

Sexy, naughty, horny blonde teenage in lust! If mom and dad knew what their daughter does when they’re not home!

“Would you like to see me in action? Check out my videos! How do you like me the most? Dressed up or with my panties down my knees? Not too hard to guess, right, baby?”

Down my knees?? Oh, she means down TO my knees! I checked out the Dasha Markova on her videos at and they are okay. She seemed a little too much like an actress. See for yourself. Let me know what YOU think.

Dasha Markova Dasha Markova

Bare Bree –

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

Bare BreeYea, well Bare Bree has me a little mixed up, I’m just not feeling the alien, silver headband and loose metal undies outfit. Good try at something different though. I think maybe Bree poses too much, instead of just enjoying moving her body around, she looks like she’s jutting it out all over the place. Just my opinion though! Her best shot out of this group is sitting on the toilet curled up relaxing, if that tells you anything. Her body is nice and tight and the poses get better when you go into

Here’s what Bree has to say for herself:

“Do you like the way I tease you? You’d love to see me take it all off, wouldn’t you? That’s part of the fun, baby! I’ll always leave you wanting more…”

This is true, teasing is a lot of the fun. If you like that Bare Bree is your girl and is your place. So get ready to be driven crazy.

Bare BreeBare Bree

Katie Fey –

Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

Katie FeyOnce again the Fey sisterhood has come through for us. Katie Fey is HOT, and is playing it up right! She needs to either thank her momma or thank the people who started putting hormones in meet; how does such a tight little body have such big, shapely boobs. I’m guessing she didn’t run much track in highschool and if she did, all the boys joined the team. That tiny blue top barely has the right to be called a top, I kept staring at it hoping it would pop off; what a tease. I think you should definitely go inside, inside I mean, because this sounds too good to be true:

My new pictures are going to make you faint! No more shy Katie, honey! It’s all there for you to look at, each and every inch of my skin no longer holds secrets to you… so come, come and enjoy me! Exclusive pictures, exotic locations, incredible settings, and the cherry on top: ME!!!

The cherry on top of me? YEAH Hopefully that’s what she means.. I’m going IN. Want to see what else that camera is looking at. See you guys INSIDE.

Katie Fey Katie Fey

True Tere –

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

True TereBrown latin skin, can’t get enough. There is a picture you have got to see; Tere is standing in full length glory in red heels by the pool, sun shining on her perfectly; this picture is worth taking a break from work for. And then there’s this other one of her in a white bikini, almost showing nipple, straddling a guitar. And then there’s another one in front of a mirror, in a big green gnome hat and some little green see-through panties. You get the point, lots to see. Not really naughty, just probably needs a little coaxing. Those lips look like they could be and should be very naughty; full and soft and moist. Listen to her talk, she sounds rather innocent:

Hi, I’m Tere, I am 19 and I live and play in Mexico. I cant believe its been just over a year since I first started my site, but I am still having a great time.

I have lots of pictures and videos on my site that you will really like. And I had fun fun fun making them.

If you really want to see what Im like JOIN NOW and visit my members area.
You’ll have a lot of fun too!

See you inside! 😉

Just waiting to be corrupted; wonder who will get to her first? Not sure if she gets completely naked inside or not, will be fun to find out.

True Tere True Tere

Felicity Fey –

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Felicity Fey

There’s no way Felicity Fey is still considered an amateur! She’s too good! Maybe that’s what makes her so good; I guess when you got it, you got it, amateur or not. Some of the teen girls still seem so childish, not Felicity on; she is ALL WOMAN. Her eyes just seem to draw you in.. assuming her eyes are what you’re looking at.

The cave might be too much too handle; I mean, back & front views at once! Whoa! Excuse me, I’ll be back in a few minutes, think I need to… take care of something.

Ok, all good now. Felicity Fey, you are definitely all grown up:

“When I was a younger girl, my friends used to tease and make fun of me because of my large titties. They used to bounce up and down every time I moved… Well, look at who’s laughing now that I’m all grown up!!!

No problem here with the bouncing. Honestly, some of the photos could be a little clearer, but then again that might be the perfect tease. View the site yourself, but you might want to be sitting down!

Felicity Fey Felicity Fey

Stormy Friday –

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

Stormy Friday

Mmmm, makes me wish every day was Stormy Friday. This barely legal babe is truly a gorgeous girl. Gotta check out the black mini skirt. Any biker guys out there? Not that she looks like a biker chick, but Stormy would be hot with that black mini pulled up, hair blowing, long smooth legs straddling some shiny metal. Her skin looks so smooth and touchable. Her boobs are a little small, but that ass is round and yummy! Get a load of it in her thigh highs and garter belt while she plays with herself on

“Get a load of Stormy and her hottest friends as they engage in the steamiest sexual situations you can imagine! Anything and everything goes here! Threesomes, foursomes, blowjobs, handjobs, footjobs, dildo fun, masturbation. the loveliest teen sluts willing to go all the way!”

Stormy Friday biting her finger, wearing cherries and then using that finger to play with her cherry. Can’t get much better than what you are getting ready to see at stormy so stop reading my post and get in there!!
Stormy Friday Stormy Friday

Ariel Rebel –

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

Arial RebelAriel’s site is making me wish Christmas would come faster. Showing off her natural born blessings out in the middle of nature; the pure white snow gives her a feaux innocent touch. No, not Ariel Rebel, you understand that’s not the case just from the quotes on Red Hot is an understatement, she is looking delicious in those red undies, and the back of the undies is as unique as she is; you have to check them out. I really don’t think anyone can say it better than Ariel Rebel herself:

I have so many pictures for you to look at! And I’d love to know all the dirty things that go through your mind while you’re watching them, will you tell me? Do I make you nervous? Do my sexy pics make you hot? Can you keep your hands off your boxers while you’re looking at me? Wow!”

I’m getting the idea that Ariel is not very shy. In that case, you shouldn’t be either, although after browsing, I think “shyness” will be the last thing on your mind (or in your boxers).  Click here to check out Ariel Rebel’s Websites
Arial RebelArial Rebel