Ana Fey –

Ana Fey

Don’t let the intelligent look on the first picture fool you, Ana Fey goes into prowess mode quickly. From crawling around on the ground to slithering across your desk, kept me guessing as to what’s coming next (and will have me coming back for more, I’m sure). The leopard print outfit doesn’t do much for bringing color to her skin nor do the shaggy bangs in the pictures on the desk do much for her face, but I guess the poses make up for it. Here’s what says:

“Hi! I’m Ana Fey, and I hope you wanna be my friend! I’m an 18 year old blonde, tall girl with blue eyes the boys say are worth dying for! Do you think so? I know I have nice eyes, but guess what; I have a lot of other attributes that are definitely worth dying for!…”

Well, if Ana Fey says she’s worth dying for, then I guess she is! Can’t say I’d go that far, but she is definitely worth another look! Ana FeyAna Fey

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