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Kristina FeyOkay, Kristina Fey is definitely a beautiful, sexy girl, I’m not taking that away from her; but from other pics of her I’ve seen, these don’t really even do her justice. I know is loaded with sexier poses and videos of her being very tempting. The barrells looked a little scary, personally I wast just afraid she was going to fall in between and mess up that body. Kristina Fey licking the dust off her own foot! Did she gag after the picture? Ok, not my thing, but I’ll go with it.

I’m assuming she knows how to use that computer, and that’s sexy! A little too much makeup covering that beautiful fresh skin, but I’m definitely feeling the hair (or would like to be anyway). And, Kristina Fey, I would take you seriously…

“I’m 18 and my friends say that I don’t take anything seriously!
I always ask, “Why should I?”
I love to laugh, smile and do crazy things.
I find something funny in everything.
I love having my own site and hope you really enjoy it!”

Go ahead, sweet Kristina, laugh, smile and do anything you want, as long as we get to watch!

Kristina Fey Kristina Fey

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