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Felicity Fey

There’s no way Felicity Fey is still considered an amateur! She’s too good! Maybe that’s what makes her so good; I guess when you got it, you got it, amateur or not. Some of the teen girls still seem so childish, not Felicity on felicityfey.com; she is ALL WOMAN. Her eyes just seem to draw you in.. assuming her eyes are what you’re looking at.

The cave might be too much too handle; I mean, back & front views at once! Whoa! Excuse me, I’ll be back in a few minutes, think I need to… take care of something.

Ok, all good now. Felicity Fey, you are definitely all grown up:

“When I was a younger girl, my friends used to tease and make fun of me because of my large titties. They used to bounce up and down every time I moved… Well, look at who’s laughing now that I’m all grown up!!!

No problem here with the bouncing. Honestly, some of the photos could be a little clearer, but then again that might be the perfect tease. View the site yourself, but you might want to be sitting down!

Felicity Fey Felicity Fey

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