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Katie FeyOnce again the Fey sisterhood has come through for us. Katie Fey is HOT, and katiefey.com is playing it up right! She needs to either thank her momma or thank the people who started putting hormones in meet; how does such a tight little body have such big, shapely boobs. I’m guessing she didn’t run much track in highschool and if she did, all the boys joined the team. That tiny blue top barely has the right to be called a top, I kept staring at it hoping it would pop off; what a tease. I think you should definitely go inside, inside katiefey.com I mean, because this sounds too good to be true:

My new pictures are going to make you faint! No more shy Katie, honey! It’s all there for you to look at, each and every inch of my skin no longer holds secrets to you… so come, come and enjoy me! Exclusive pictures, exotic locations, incredible settings, and the cherry on top: ME!!!

The cherry on top of me? YEAH Hopefully that’s what she means.. I’m going IN. Want to see what else that camera is looking at. See you guys INSIDE.

Katie Fey Katie Fey

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