Bare Bree –

Bare BreeYea, well Bare Bree has me a little mixed up, I’m just not feeling the alien, silver headband and loose metal undies outfit. Good try at something different though. I think maybe Bree poses too much, instead of just enjoying moving her body around, she looks like she’s jutting it out all over the place. Just my opinion though! Her best shot out of this group is sitting on the toilet curled up relaxing, if that tells you anything. Her body is nice and tight and the poses get better when you go into

Here’s what Bree has to say for herself:

“Do you like the way I tease you? You’d love to see me take it all off, wouldn’t you? That’s part of the fun, baby! I’ll always leave you wanting more…”

This is true, teasing is a lot of the fun. If you like that Bare Bree is your girl and is your place. So get ready to be driven crazy.

Bare BreeBare Bree

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