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Dasha MarkovaLong blonde hair, bright blue eyes, small perky titties and a twig with leaves still attached. Ok, I was intrigued, what is Dasha Markova going to do with that twig??? I found out, now you’ll have to at dashamarkova.com. Foot fetish anybody? Dasha seems to like to play with hers (and they are quite cute). Dasha is a little skinny for my taste although she seems rather tall so that’s probably why. Here’s what dashamarkova.com says:

Sexy, naughty, horny blonde teenage in lust! If mom and dad knew what their daughter does when they’re not home!

“Would you like to see me in action? Check out my videos! How do you like me the most? Dressed up or with my panties down my knees? Not too hard to guess, right, baby?”

Down my knees?? Oh, she means down TO my knees! I checked out the Dasha Markova on her videos at dashmarkova.com and they are okay. She seemed a little too much like an actress. See for yourself. Let me know what YOU think.

Dasha Markova Dasha Markova

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