Piper Fawn – piperfawn.com

Piper-FawnStarting off looking a little shy and a little too adorable. Not sure what she plans on doing with that broom, but I am curious. Piper Fawn has got some red red hair; wonder if she’s red all over >=x (sure you’ve noticed that I like to make faces with my keyboard, but this one is one of my favorites – it means “cat, complete with whiskers” – go figure). She kind of reminds me of Pippy Longstocking, I bet Pippy was naughty too. Piper gives you a sneak preview of how naughty she likes to get on piperfawn.com, but the picture is so small I HAD to keep going to see more.

“There’s just something about getting naked outdoors that gives me goose bumps (in a nice way!). Is it the sun in my skin? Or the idea that maybe somebody very naughty may be spying on me?”

Does she freckle more everytime she hangs out naked outside? And, where does she freckle? Go on inside her.. um, her site and see if her little red pussy.. um, pussy with soft whiskers.. I mean, if she has a cat.


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