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Young Britney –

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

Young-BritneyThis fiesty redhead English girl just turned 18 recently and was shown the ropes for her site,, by another amateur, Naomi Model. In my opinion, Young Britney is going to flash right past Naomi. Britney’s spunky personality, redhot hair and catchy smile will definitely get noticed! If you guys don’t start holding onto her now, she’ll be too hot for you to handle before long:

“When I touch myself, I like to wear different outfits… especially little skirts and tiny panties. Click on my pics and find out how what happens next!”

“I know you American blokes love to watch a naked girl eat a lolli. Watch me lick and suck an extra large pop in this set… What are you waiting for?”

How about watching something pop up as you suck on a bloke. Okay so Americans are horny, so what?

Young-Britney Young-Britney

All Ashlee –

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

All-AshleeYou have NO choice but to go on into in order to enjoy this little hottie. Petite, blonde, tight body, very yummy pussie, All Ashlee is All Woman! She’s my favorite of the day for sure. Can’t help but want to eat her up in that top pic with the pigtails and frilly pink top. rrrrrgh! Don’t fight it, just give it up to her like she’s ready to do for you:

“Hi Guys! My name is Ashlee. I’m 19, live in Arizona, and I love getting naked for you on my website. Inside, you’ll find over 10,000 photos, tons of video, and special web cam chats with me! I know you’ll love it!”

Yes, I do. Sounds great to me. Chats? Who wants to chat? I want some action with sizzling hot Ashlee!


Daisy –

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006 looks like there is potential, but you have to go inside to find out at all, there really aren’t but a few pictures posted on the outside. I would say, yes, little 19 year old Daisy would be worth signing up for. She has beautiful shiny black/brown hair that she needs to take advantage of and pose herself having it barely cover her brown skin. Apparently she thinks she’s doing well, so we’ll see:

” I absolutely love doing my site! I tend to get a little more wild on here than I normally would, so get ready! You never know what you.ll find inside ;)”

A little more wild, hopefully a lot more wild; I have to check out the members section of just to see if Daisy even knows how to spice things up!

702-Daisy 702-Daisy

Naomi Model –

Monday, May 1st, 2006

Noami-ModelCute, blonde, European girls with big boobs always get all the attention! Although Noami Model is a little on the chunky side for me, I really like that jacuzzi shot. How could you not? Thong, t-shirt, WET, HOT… enough said. She has some work to do before I’ll go to Europe to see her, but I’ll keep up with her on, it’s fun watching girls having fun acting slutty and dreaming up ways to tease me.

“One of the strangest thing I have found about Americans is that they are naked all the time. When I am at home in Manchester. I go to the nude beachs. So a lot of my picture include outdoor pictures because it is best to be nake outside.”

I’m obviously living in the wrong state! Everytime I try to get American girls to walk around naked, they look at me like I’m a perv. Which, of course, is why I’m going back on right now; besides, looking at these picture, Noami stays really wet!
Noami-Model Noami-Model