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Seanna Teen

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Seanna Teen is another one of those solo girl teens, but she is pretty unique in the aspect of her video collection. Seanna is a little dirty minded blonde with long legs and a round booty. She likes to throw herself on the floor and spread her legs to give you a better view of her crotch… she then rolls over on her flat tummy and pulls her ass cheeks apart. What could be sweeter?
So, you should take a look at Seanna Teen’s personal website… I think you’ll be glad that you did.

Mckenzee added to

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006


Added on: 12/26/2006
Age: 19
Height: 5’4
Figure: 32A-25-33
Location: USA

Sample Pics/Vids of Mckenzee

Description: Cute blonde hottie Mckenzee is up for something new. She likes to strip and caress her boobies, see her play with a ‘the rabbit’ for the first time in her videos. Yea, she loves it 🙂

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Rachel strips out of her tight blue jeans

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Rachel is a beautiful delicate blonde teen who isnt afraid to strip topless for the camera – see some of her first pictures ever taken in this set where she strips out of some jeans!

TSC Rachel stripping
Rachel dares to strip!

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All Ashlee –

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

All-AshleeYou have NO choice but to go on into in order to enjoy this little hottie. Petite, blonde, tight body, very yummy pussie, All Ashlee is All Woman! She’s my favorite of the day for sure. Can’t help but want to eat her up in that top pic with the pigtails and frilly pink top. rrrrrgh! Don’t fight it, just give it up to her like she’s ready to do for you:

“Hi Guys! My name is Ashlee. I’m 19, live in Arizona, and I love getting naked for you on my website. Inside, you’ll find over 10,000 photos, tons of video, and special web cam chats with me! I know you’ll love it!”

Yes, I do. Sounds great to me. Chats? Who wants to chat? I want some action with sizzling hot Ashlee!


Naomi Model –

Monday, May 1st, 2006

Noami-ModelCute, blonde, European girls with big boobs always get all the attention! Although Noami Model is a little on the chunky side for me, I really like that jacuzzi shot. How could you not? Thong, t-shirt, WET, HOT… enough said. She has some work to do before I’ll go to Europe to see her, but I’ll keep up with her on, it’s fun watching girls having fun acting slutty and dreaming up ways to tease me.

“One of the strangest thing I have found about Americans is that they are naked all the time. When I am at home in Manchester. I go to the nude beachs. So a lot of my picture include outdoor pictures because it is best to be nake outside.”

I’m obviously living in the wrong state! Everytime I try to get American girls to walk around naked, they look at me like I’m a perv. Which, of course, is why I’m going back on right now; besides, looking at these picture, Noami stays really wet!
Noami-Model Noami-Model

Sarah Peachez –

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Peachez18Is Sarah Peachez really only 18? Who cares, she has a nice ass, as is proudly displayed on hanging out of her daisy dukes, leaning over different things (I wasn’t paying attention to what she was on, just what she was doing). Honestly, if I were to meet her, she wouldn’t be my type to get something on with, but nice eye candy in the back for sure. My favorite ass shot is her firm round ass, bent over, legs spread but not too much, with a thong on, showing (but not showing) her sunshine. Here’s how she wants to shine for you:

“Hi I’m Sarah Peachez. I want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with my site. I want all my members to be happy and have fun, because I realize finding a good web site that provides customer service, daily updates, and original pictures can be difficult. So, I want to personally assure you that joining and becoming a member will be easy and something you will enjoy for a long time.”

Customer satisfaction is the number 1 thing at; so… does that mean we get a refund if we’re not happy with her? No worries! That will NOT be the case!

Peachez-18 Peachez-18

Scarlet Peaches –

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

Scarlet-PchsOk, includes several girls, so this post will be about a few of them. It’s pretty hot; it’s hard to believe these girls are teens! Anna, Carol, Venera, Yuri, Dasha… just to name a few; everything from blonde to brunette to true red, so whatever your taste is, looks like you’ll find it here. Dasha has a dress I would love to own, forget wearing it in private, it would be hot anywhere; see-through grey lace, low-cut. That’s right, you guys and girls should check it out. And if anyone knows where I can get one, let me know!

I’m a little confused as to what Iren is trying to do with her lips, it looks like it hurts. And whoa! If Carol doesn’t have legs all the way up to her ass! -=) I’ve always wanted to say that. They are LLLoooong…. The Scarlet Peaches are laying it on heavy and sounds like they mean business:

“Welcome to Scarlet Peaches!
Here you’ll find all the girls and all the action you were looking for! Girls masturbating, playing with dildos, sucking cock and fucking like there’s no tomorrow! Girls with boys, girls with girls, couples, threesomes, anything goes! Tits, asses and soaking wet pussies are awaiting you!”

Don’t do it. I’m warning you.. You better listen to your mamma… DON’T go in there… you won’t be able to handle it… BE AFRAID< BE VERY AFRAID... Hey! I said don't.. too late, you won't come out of the same man.

Scarlet-PchsScarlet Peaches

Dasha Markova –

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

Dasha MarkovaLong blonde hair, bright blue eyes, small perky titties and a twig with leaves still attached. Ok, I was intrigued, what is Dasha Markova going to do with that twig??? I found out, now you’ll have to at Foot fetish anybody? Dasha seems to like to play with hers (and they are quite cute). Dasha is a little skinny for my taste although she seems rather tall so that’s probably why. Here’s what says:

Sexy, naughty, horny blonde teenage in lust! If mom and dad knew what their daughter does when they’re not home!

“Would you like to see me in action? Check out my videos! How do you like me the most? Dressed up or with my panties down my knees? Not too hard to guess, right, baby?”

Down my knees?? Oh, she means down TO my knees! I checked out the Dasha Markova on her videos at and they are okay. She seemed a little too much like an actress. See for yourself. Let me know what YOU think.

Dasha Markova Dasha Markova

Ana Fey –

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

Ana Fey

Don’t let the intelligent look on the first picture fool you, Ana Fey goes into prowess mode quickly. From crawling around on the ground to slithering across your desk, kept me guessing as to what’s coming next (and will have me coming back for more, I’m sure). The leopard print outfit doesn’t do much for bringing color to her skin nor do the shaggy bangs in the pictures on the desk do much for her face, but I guess the poses make up for it. Here’s what says:

“Hi! I’m Ana Fey, and I hope you wanna be my friend! I’m an 18 year old blonde, tall girl with blue eyes the boys say are worth dying for! Do you think so? I know I have nice eyes, but guess what; I have a lot of other attributes that are definitely worth dying for!…”

Well, if Ana Fey says she’s worth dying for, then I guess she is! Can’t say I’d go that far, but she is definitely worth another look! Ana FeyAna Fey