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Martial arts, movie sessions and waterfalls

Thursday, February 24th, 2005

Today I had a rude awakening with noises from a construction site, so
I decided to go out to the gym and get some exercise. Now more then
ever I wanna look hot for you guys, right? But instead of my usual
workout program, I tried Aikido, which is the martial art Steven Segal
uses in his movies. I think I may try a set in the dojo, if my
instructor doesn’t mind. There is a hot girl there who might be up for
it as well ?

Today I’m going to catch a movie and get prepared for my trip to the
waterfalls tomorrow. I wanted to do some shots in public spaces… I
have never seen anyone in a multiplex… I’m feeling naughty today, so I
may try it…

I posted some pics from next week update on the site… Hope you enjoy
them. I’ll try to post something before I hit the road. Till tomorrow!


First Time and Loving it!

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005

Hello everybody! These past two weeks since I opened my site have been
a blast! Today I updated the last shot I did at my friend Monnica’s
house. Classes don’t start for another week, so I’ve spent the whole
day watching a movie, finishing reading a book and having ideas for
the next photo shots? I have until Sunday to come up with some hot
stuff for all you guys to see.

I just finished watching “Kill Bill” and think I’m gonna do a set
inspired by the movie! I actually have a Japanese sword and my
favorite color is yellow, so I think it should get interesting…

On Thursday I think I’m going to visit the most beautiful waterfall
and I’m thinking about doing some outdoor photos and videos for you
guys. At first it was very strange been in front of the camera… Now I
just can’t get enough of it!

Gotta go now! Till tomorrow. XOXOXOXO Flavia.